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Transforming Information into Intelligence

IBM United Kingdom Limited

Healthcare systems do not lack data. What is lacking is the ability to convert that data into intelligence—intelligence that can be brought to bear to ensure providers can meet the future demands of a consumer focused environment.

Information collected across healthcare systems has grown exponentially due to the increased use of clinical software, more complex regulatory requirements, and the increased size of health systems as facilities are consolidated. The foremost challenge for clinical and IT leaders is to optimize previous and future technology investments to ensure the collective whole may be used quickly and efficiently by all stakeholders to achieve business objectives.

IBM Initiate EMPI solutions operate as intelligent “middleware,” independent to underlying architectures and foundational for clinical and market-leading intelligence. The master patient and master provider indexes help to build bridges between disparate data sources to enable the right results to be associated with the right patient, the right credentialing to be associated with the right provider—the right data to support decision making, at the right time. This framework enables clinical, financial and administrative data to work together to support your strategic objectives and long-term vision.

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Published:  May 23, 2011
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Type:  White Paper
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