Rehabbing a Rehab Program

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Reports are ‘key’
For private rehab providers like this one, reimbursement from workers’ compensation agencies and other major funders depends on timely, accurate verification of services and outcomes. “There are targets and times surrounding how quickly information needs to be reported to the people who are funding the healthcare,” the clinical information director says. “These reports are absolutely key.”

But with each of its clinics operating as a standalone enterprise – with its own spreadsheets and ERP systems – the healthcare provider struggled to piece together timely, comprehensive, compliance reports. Likewise, research on best practices, even when they were being adhered to, was spotty and difficult to substantiate. Moreover, there was internal resistance to what clinicians feared might be intrusive and time-consuming data crunching. “We had many different hurdles with regard to the general culture in the clinics, and one was that caregivers were not particularly keen on having their performance measured,” he says.

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Published:  Jul 13, 2011
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Type:  White Paper
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