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How does your image management approach stack up?

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Multi-layered neutrality: A new standards-based framework for
unifying medical images and clinical documents across the enterprise

Priyank Sharma, Senior Marketing Manager – Global Solutions
Lawrence White, Senior Marketing Manager – Radiology

As the diagnostic capabilities and availability of medical imaging continue to advance, healthcare IT executives are faced with the increasingly daunting task of managing the vast amounts of data created by the modalities and devices in their facilities across the network. And the challenges will continue to mount as care providers ask for more comprehensive patient information, not just imaging but multi-ology data such as dermatology, hematology, pathology, and ophthalmology at the point of care. Each of these -ologies introduces its own set of storage and management requirements and frequently incorporates different technology vendors, formats, and standards.
Today, this siloed information runs counter to the general expectations of “integrated anywhere, anytime” data access.
There is a growing urgency to create a patient-centric record by integrating, managing, and sharing imaging and other departmental data for the care providers to make more informed decisions at lower
cost. There are offerings available from storage vendors, niche migration companies, PACS providers, and full-service healthcare IT companies to solve this challenge, but given the wide range of technology options available, it is important for healthcare IT
executives to pick the right technology and approach for a long-term sustainable solution delivering the desired performance and ROI.

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Published:  Dec 14, 2012
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