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What to Consider When Deploying an Intelligent Recording Fabric

Emulex Corporation

Organizations donít know whatís going on inside their networks, and thatís costing them real money. Deploying an intelligent recording fabric with guaranteed 100% packet capture, accuracy, and storage is fundamental to solving the problem. But how do you embrace the new paradigm? To get started, create a list of the system criteria that are mandatory to delivering reliable and complete visibility information to your engineers, so you can be sure their decision-making is on target.

The impact of network performance problems on worker productivity has become a serious business risk. To mitigate it, organizations need to strategically embrace a network recording infrastructure that provides them with accurate, network-wide visibility. Only accurate visibility will empower them to slash maximum and mean response and repair times and keep network-reliant business applications and processes running.

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Published:  Nov 07, 2013
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Type:  White Paper
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