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By: IBM United Kingdom Limited     Published Date: May 24, 2011
Introduction and overview eHealth offers a potent means for health services in EMEA, and worldwide, to tackle the daunting challenges of the 21st century. Ageing populations, long-term management of chronic illnesses, escalating costs1, changing patterns of disease, and a worldwide shortage of healthcare workers are all driving the need for health information and communication technology (ICT) to improve healthcare administration and delivery. For future sustainability, the healthcare system demands efficient and affordable access to finite healthcare resources, improving care for all and reducing healthcare inequalities. To achieve its potential, eHealth must facilitate the secure movement of patient data out of system silos and transform it into intelligence for improved patient administration and enablement of patient-centred, coordinated care.
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ehealth, health services, ageing populations, escalating costs, shortage of healthcare workers, ict, primary care, acute care, mental health, workforce/hr, policy, finance, it, legal, commissioning, pharmaceuticals
IBM United Kingdom Limited
By: Cielo     Published Date: Jan 30, 2019
For healthcare organizations, talent shortages mean lost revenue from having to cancel procedures and turn away patients. And with the aging population and increased competition for great healthcare talent, organizations like yours need a new, flexible workforce solution. That solution is Total Talent Acquisition (TTA). TTA can break down hiring silos by unifying your organization’s efforts in acquiring all types of workers, whether they’re full-time staff, consultants, freelance contractors, temporary staff or project-based workers. It can rein in costs, help assess your current and future talent needs, and create a better experience for candidates and, most importantly, patients. We created this guide to help you learn more about Total Talent and to assess how your organization can benefit from it. Download it to learn: ? What is Total Talent Acquisition ? How TTA creates a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry ? The positive impacts this model can have on healthcare organ
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